Blog Love: Illuminating Blog Award

Taking a short break from our regularly scheduled programming for some blog-on-blog love!

I have really been enjoying polishing The Fork lately (groan – couldn’t resist!) and so was simply delighted to be nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award by dlcwelch828 of Ramblings and Recipes – a delicious food blog.  Cheers!

As per “the rules” of this award, I will list one random thing about myself:

The first thing I ever made on my own – probably scrambled egg and salsa breakfast wraps and really awful coffee. This was my first culinary adventure when I became of age to make my parents breakfast in bed. I have some vivid memories of the coffee maker overflowing…

And five blogs that I regularly read, I am also nominating, so now you shall know what I drool over on a daily basis:

The Ranting Chef

Terri’s Kitchen UK

Low Carb Confidential

Marinating Online

My Fancy Pantry

And looking to your right, you may observe my shiny, fork-y, new badge. Fun!


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