Updates, Updates, Updates! Part 1

So, I have been a bad blogger. A very bad blogger. If I knew any nuns, I’d surely be getting the strap right now. Thankfully I don’t so I have only heard questions from people curious to know about what’s survived, how JD is doing and why I haven’t been posting…

Really there is no excuse. Summer just happened to take up a lot of my focus – what with cottages and old friends and late nights and boxes of wine.

The first part of this update series is to bring you up to date on some goodies that JD has received in the past few weeks. I’d asked him to start taking photos of his packages and he was very obliging. He also has a Nikon DSLR camera whereas I am taking photos with the camera inside my phone, usually while balancing a bowl of batter!

So, here we go…

Brownies...batch #2 - the front runner of all baked goods!

This is the second of three batches of brownies I have sent to JD and the request for more is always on the table. Brownies travel very well, they are super dense and moist and seem to be completely unaffected by the lengthy travel time. I always take my brownies out at least five minutes early. They need a good 2-3 hours to cool and sort of collapse into themselves. As JD’s father announced to me while baking these at their house “I think your cake has collapsed!”

One more thing, they don’t really work as a double batch. I tried that and felt they lost some of their dense-ness and became slightly cakey. Just so you know.

I wrote on the package "Make sure you have milk!" - JD takes instructions seriously.

Oh, and the brownie recipe I use is here: Amazing Brownies by Pam Anderson

Parmesan & Chili Puff Pastry Palmiers!

These I made for something savoury and different. It is difficult to come up with savoury baked goods – I’m not kidding. If you have ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Dorie Greenspan's Vanilla Bean Poundcake with Dark Rum Syrup!

Poundcakes were also a hit – the dark rum syrup keeps them fresh and JD assured me they held up amazingly well. The little spots on top are crystallized sugar, nothing to worry about.

Peanut butter cookies
Inside-Out Cupcakes with royal icing and sprinkles!

If you recall, these were cupcakes I made where the buttercream icing was piped inside the cupcake and the cupcake was sealed with royal icing (read: the hard icing you use for gingerbread houses, etc) and covered with sprinkles. I used a canning box to send the cupcakes since it had 12 spots – I think the packaging contributed a lot to how they arrived. I also bubble wrapped the top.

JD's co-worked enjoying cupcake time

JD’s coworker enjoying a cupcake. Apparently they arrived just fine!

Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with mini reese's peanut butter cups!

I understand these cookies were also a hit. JD said it was very hard for people to turn them down once they heard “stuffed with reese’s peanut butter cups”.

JD opens the contents of his package....

Finally my favorite photo of all – JD reacting to the contents of his package. He looks convincingly surprised, don’t you think?

Already so that is part 1 of updates. In part 2, I will look at what I have baked and sent since my last post, including what I am looking for this week…. stay tuned!