Care Package #7: A repeat, some molasses and an old man (I invented a cookie!)

I just got news that JD has received care package #5 both care package #5 and #6…plus one from his mama. All in one day! I await the pictures but he says everything held up, even the cupcakes. Awesome. #5 was the pound cakes et. al. and  #6 was the cupcakes and stuffed cookies. This is great news after so long with no mail.

In fact, after receiving 3 packages in one day, JD wrote to me:

“The joke this morning was whether they should bring in a Christmas tree and put all my stuff under it.”

But I still wonder…where are #3 (“coffee break” biscotti, magazines, iced coffee, drink crystals?) and #4 (snickerdoodle cookies, travel guide, etc.)? I suspect they may still be on base among the 37 shipping pallets of mail and he will just have to keep checking with the postmaster every day (I assume it’s a postmaster, it seems the only title befitting a post-person in that environment).

Package #7 involved the first “repeat” of baked goods, namely Skor brownies. I used Pam Anderson’s recipe for Fudgy, Chewy, Cakey Brownies from her book The Perfect Recipe (posted here). The recipe specifies you can add 3/4 cup of nuts. I interpret this to mean 1 bag of skor chips. Delicious! JD asked for these again after they arrived so “moist and perfect” the first time.

This is most certainly not going to be good for you

Put a shiny foil wrapper on something…it will be “premium”!

Premium = shiny

The hardest part of making these brownies is melting the chocolate and butter over a double boiler. Don’t melt in in the microwave, please – chocolate burns easily in the microwave. A double-boiler is simply when you but a saucepan of water on to simmer and put a metal bowl over it.

Get your biggest knife out for chopping chocolate, it will make life more enjoyable and stress-free!

Giant knives are important for your sanity


Once chopped, begin your melting.

Ready to take a hot bath
See? Not hard at all. Stop being such a wuss.


Mmmm melty

The rest is easy – and no need for an electric mixer, it’s the best!


You can use a whisk! It's hard to screw this up.

I always line my pan with tinfoil. Make sure you leave an overhang so it can act as handles to life the brownies out. So. Much. Less. Mess.

Line your damn pan!

Remember to TAKE YOUR BROWNIES OUT EARLY! At LEAST 5 minutes early.. they should be set, but just barely and the middle will still be a bit wobbly. Let them cool for several hours, they will also set this way.

Also important: sprinkle more skor bits on top! :)
Also important: sprinkle more skor bits on top!


And finally…

Almost ready to go

Here is how I package brownies:

  1. Cut brownies into smallish squares. The middle may be too soft too use, eat it with ice cream later as a reward.
  2. Wrap brownies in a double layer of paper towel or paper napkins.
  3. Wrap that in a double layer of tin foil, making sure they are well covered.
  4. Place your rectangular tin-foil wrapped packaged into a large freezer bag, squeeze out air and seal.


Now, I claimed to have invented a cookie, right? Well I did. At least a combination. I was thinking of things JD would like –  he is kind of an old man on the inside and he loves molasses. He even loves reading about molasses. This was an appearling idea but it occurred to me that a molasses cookie would be a bit heavy/spicy in the heat. Then I got the idea to bake it into another cookie. I made a half recipe of my standard sugar cookies as well as a batch of molasses cookies from Joy of Baking.

Cut out the middles and pop in a tiny molasses cookie, yum!

This does not work the other way around. The sugar cookie actually keeps the molasses cookie from spreading out, resulting in a chewy, yummy middle. The other way around, the molasses cookie becomes too crispy for my taste.

If you’re wondering what cookie cutter I used, it’s the Christmas wreath cutter from my Christmas cookie cutters in Newfoundland. However, you could use any circle or square shapes of varying sizes for this.

When you’re rolling out your dough, make sure to use a LOT of flour on your rolling surface. I mean by the handful. This prevents both sticking and frustration. Also, make sure to roll your dough thick enough so that it yeilds a soft cookie (my ideal baking time was 7 minutes but your mileage may vary).

I have no idea what to call these cookies?!


I packaged them stacked like this in a tupperware with napkins in the spaces so they wouldn't move.
the middle! yummm


And, cookie momster. Cookie momster gets up in the middle of the night to eat cookies. In fact, if you make cookies (let’s say oatmeal raisin), cookie momster might not only eat them but steal some for her friends… when you wake up in the morning you will have 50% less cookies!
But that is ok because she is so sweet!

Late night cookie munching by cookie momster


By the way, if you have any ideas for what a sugar-cookie-with-molasses-middle should be called, I’m all ears! I am terrible at naming things… there might even be baked goods in it for you…



3 thoughts on “Care Package #7: A repeat, some molasses and an old man (I invented a cookie!)

  1. This is totally awesome! At Christmas you could pipe on a green wreath with a red bow and one of those silver balls that crack your teeth in the middle….heck-add some sprinkles too! Josh is likely to hold out in The A just to get more packages at this rate!

  2. Hi Julia!
    It is a good day in the office when Josh gets mail, Today I made several trips down the hall for treats – everything was great, in particular the chili and parmesan puff pastries. Those had a perfect kick to them. Believe me, KAF is the land of the bland food so it was just the thing. Hope you don’t mind that we stalk your blog :) Could I trouble you for the recipie for the pastries? I would love to make them when I get back home.
    Cheer- and thanks for making enough to share!

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