Neighbourhood Bakery Love

There is an ugly industrial warehouse in our neighbourhood with a secret. Since JD says I cannot keep a secret, I might as well spill the beans: Art-Is-In Bakery. Honestly the most unique and delicious bread I’ve ever enjoyed. Amazing variety: potato and dill with chunks of roasted garlic, jalapeño and cheddar, 12 grain, among … Continue reading

Laksa: Ticket to Flavourtown!

I cannot say enough positive things about Laksa, despite only have a vague idea of what it is or where originated. According to this mildly confusing Wikipedia article, vagueness is a characteristic of Laksa, being something that seems to be a mish mash recipe from various cultures. What I can tell you with certainty is … Continue reading

Smoky Chorizo & Cabbage Soup

Despite the heat, I have been reluctant to let go of some of the principal comforts of winter, including soup and sleeping with a giant duvet. Cabbage soup typically gets a bad rap but I love the combination of hearty and healthy. This is a riff on another version I make often and it is  … Continue reading

Mini Beef Pies for Picnic Day

Oh, summer, you’ve been eating up all my time with swimming, adventures, bridesmaid duties, house renovations, among other fun things. Today is picnic day and I am currently blogging in my bathing suit. Just keeping it classy, you know. Having said that, here is a quick recipe for a great picnic lunch. Something other than … Continue reading

June Foodie Pen Pal

Foodie Pen Pal was so much fun! Especially for someone who is a dedicated letter-writer and mailbox stalker like me. I love sending mail (almost as much as receiving it) and have an embarassingly large collection of stationary. I am also still in touch with my childhood pen pal, we started writing to each other … Continue reading

Shrimp Salsa for Hunan Hand Awareness Week

Hunan hand. It’s serious. So serious in fact that I will reference this scholarly medical definition. I am shocked that more bloggers have not spoken out about this condition sweeping through kitchens all over the world. Well, I am a hunan hand survivor and this is my story. A few weeks ago I was spending … Continue reading

Blog Love: Illuminating Blog Award

Taking a short break from our regularly scheduled programming for some blog-on-blog love! I have really been enjoying polishing The Fork lately (groan – couldn’t resist!) and so was simply delighted to be nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award by dlcwelch828 of Ramblings and Recipes – a delicious food blog.  Cheers! As per “the rules” … Continue reading

Hot Lobster Dip

Hot Lobster Dip

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. Please allow me to set down my champagne and diamonds so I may tell you all about the hot lobster dip we just enjoyed. You simply must try it, darling. The secret to why we were eating lobster dip on a Monday night is this: I bought the … Continue reading

Marinated Grilled Zucchini

Your mother called. She wants you to eat more green vegetables. And if she is anything like my mother, she also wants you to clean your cutlery drawer, find out what your brother’s been up to, and teach her  more slang terms so she can impress her “peeps”.  Love you, mom! On Friday, JD and … Continue reading

The Hot & Spicy Weekend: Homemade Thai Red Curry

Sometimes you want to come home from work, strip down to your unmentionables, pour yourself a stiff drink, and eat an astonishing amount of Thai food. Don’t let me frighten you away! The actual culinary skill involved for this homemade Thai Red Curry is very little: can you make a blender drink? You can make … Continue reading